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When thinking of Paris, the first thought that comes to mind might be its iconic landmarks, but the city’s bars are also well worth exploring. Paris offers an array of drinking establishments, each with their own unique vibe.

Save time searching for the best bars in Paris with genuine reviews from friends and people you trust. Skip the endless reviews from strangers and find the bars that truly align with your taste. Whether you are looking for a place to relax after a day of sightseeing or a lively spot to dance the night away, you will find the right bar for you with the Nova Circle app.
Reviews bars Paris
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Bars in different neighborhoods

Bars in Paris may differ somewhat depending on the neighborhood. In Le Marais, you will find trendy spots known for their creative cocktails and vibrant atmosphere. In bohemian and charming Montmartre, you will find bars with a more laid-back, artistic vibe.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is perfect if you are seeking sophisticated wine bars and historical cafes. In the lively Latin Quarter, expect to find a mix of student bars and traditional Parisian bistros. The 11th arrondissement, particularly around Rue Oberkampf, is known for its eclectic mix of bars, from dive bars to upscale cocktail lounges.

Paris is simply a city full of wonderful surprises, and its bars are no exception. With the Nova Circle app, finding a bar that matches your taste buds and preferences is easy. Just download the app to connect with friends and people who share your interests, and you will be provided with spot on recommendations.
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I live for food, wine and experiences. Finally there’s an app where I can share my favorite spots and get inspired by others.
Testimonial from Sebastian Gibrand
Sebastian Gibrand
As a foodie with an interest in art and fashion, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best food and drink spots, art museums and the ultimate shopping destinations. When looking for inspiration, I always trust recommendations from friends above all. With Nova Circle it’s now a breeze to find new places that are in tune with what I like, from those I trust.
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Pauline Krogsbøll
Love this app! As a foodie myself, living in NYC with endless options - ”where should we eat/go for drinks today?” is a constant question. l always trust recommendations from friends more than anything and with Nova Circle it’s so easy to find new places that are genuinely good, recommended by all the people I trust.
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Amanda Kymmer

Signature cocktails and classic drinks

Parisian bartenders are known for their creativity and expertise. You will find a variety of drinks on the menus, from classic choices like the Old Fashioned and Negroni to signature cocktails with unique flavors such as the Parisian Spritz, made with elderflower liqueur, gin, and sparkling wine.

Order a drink during happy hour and pair it with tasty bites like cheese, charcuterie, or olives. For a more immersive experience, ask the bartender for their recommendation and enjoy a drink crafted just for you.


Wine and food

In addition to cocktails, many bars in Paris offer an excellent selection of local and international wines and beers. Try a glass of Sancerre or Chablis, or enjoy a refreshing pint of a local craft beer. The food menus are equally impressive, featuring everything from simple and tasty dishes to complex gourmet creations.

Whether you are visiting a bar for a quick drink or a full meal, you can expect top-notch service and quality. For more personalized recommendations, use the Nova Circle app to get spot on tips from your friends and people who share your preferences.

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Famous bars

Paris is home to several iconic bars that have become landmarks in their own right:

Harry’s New York Bar: Opened in 1911, this legendary bar is credited with inventing classic cocktails like the Bloody Mary and the Sidecar. It is located near the Opéra Garnier and is a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts.

La Closerie des Lilas: This historic restaurant and bar in Montparnasse has been a favorite haunt of famous writers and artists, including Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Its classic French ambiance and extensive drink menu make it a timeless spot.

Le Bar Hemingway at The Ritz: Named after the famous author, this luxurious bar offers an intimate setting with exquisite cocktails crafted by world-renowned bartenders.

Le Comptoir Général: Situated along the Canal Saint-Martin, this eclectic bar is known for its unique decor and vibrant atmosphere. It is a great spot for enjoying creative cocktails and live music.

Experimental Cocktail Club: Located in the 2nd arrondissement, this speakeasy-style bar is renowned for its innovative cocktails and cozy ambiance.

If you would rather discover a less well-known but still unique bar, check with your friends on the Nova Circle app to get a recommendation tailored to you.

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Frequently asked questions – Reviews bars Paris

No Entry speakeasy in Paris is known for its unique and intriguing concept. Hidden behind a seemingly ordinary storefront, No Entry offers an exclusive and intimate atmosphere reminiscent of the Prohibition era.

The bar is designed to be secretive, with limited visibility from the outside, enhancing its mysterious allure. Once inside, you will find a cozy space with vintage decor, dim lighting, and an impressive cocktail menu.

Pink Mamma Paris is renowned for its stunning interior design and exceptional Italian cuisine. The restaurant spans multiple floors, each uniquely decorated with a charming blend of rustic and modern elements. The top floor features a beautiful glass roof, filling the space with natural light and offering a cozy, greenhouse-like ambiance.

Getting into Moonshiner speakeasy is part of the fun and mystery of the experience. Moonshiner is hidden behind a seemingly ordinary pizza restaurant called Da Vito, located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

To enter Moonshiner, head off to 5 Rue Sedaine in the 11th arrondissement, where you will find Da Vito, an unassuming pizza restaurant. Once inside, make your way towards the back of the restaurant. There, you will find a large, metal door resembling a refrigerator door, which will lead you into the secret Moonshiner speakeasy. Inside, you will be transported to a 1920s-style bar with vintage decor, live jazz music, and an extensive selection of expertly crafted cocktails.