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When visiting the USA, there are literally thousands of restaurants of every kind to choose from. There are restaurants with traditional American food, food from different countries or cultures (indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Kosher, Cajun and so on).

With trusted reviews from friends or people who are like you and share your interests, you do not have to search forever to find the best restaurants for you.

American food culture

When you think about American food what comes to mind is perhaps hamburgers, mac and cheese, fried chicken or similar foods. In essence, American food culture is a mix of influences from all over the world. Contemporary American cuisine is diverse, a fusion of influences from different ethnic groups and cultures.

From barbeque n Texas, Cajun and Creol in Luisiana to fresh seafood and lobster rolls in Maine. Local produce and seasonal dishes, there is something for every taste bud.

With reviews from your circle of friends and people like you, you will be guided great restaurant experiences in the US.
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Members thoughts

I live for food, wine and experiences. Finally there’s an app where I can share my favorite spots and get inspired by others.
Testimonial from Sebastian Gibrand
Sebastian Gibrand
As a foodie with an interest in art and fashion, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best food and drink spots, art museums and the ultimate shopping destinations. When looking for inspiration, I always trust recommendations from friends above all. With Nova Circle it’s now a breeze to find new places that are in tune with what I like, from those I trust.
Testimonial from Pauline Krogsbøll
Pauline Krogsbøll
Love this app! As a foodie myself, living in NYC with endless options - ”where should we eat/go for drinks today?” is a constant question. l always trust recommendations from friends more than anything and with Nova Circle it’s so easy to find new places that are genuinely good, recommended by all the people I trust.
Testimonial from Amanda Kymmer
Amanda Kymmer

Traditional American dishes

When checking top lists of traditional dishes, at the number one spot you will also find apple pie. It is perhaps a bit odd to find a dessert at the top of the lists, but who said you cannot have apple pie for dinner?
Thanksgiving is an American institution. Turkey, roasted brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, there are many single dishes that make up a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner.

Pork belly, which sounds a bit odd perhaps to non-Americans, but is what is left after you have cut out the loin and spareribs, is another of all "signature dishes" that you can find.

Hamburgers, clam chowder, pan pizza, the list will vary depending on who you ask. Use the Nova Circle app to find out what would be most interesting for you to discover.
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Famous restaurants

With 50 states covering a huge area, there are of course hundreds of famous American restaurants worth mentioning. To name just a few, which often top the lists, are Katz’s Delicatessen in NY, dating back to 1888.

Another one is Commander's Deli in New Orleans that opened in 1893. Columbia Restaurant in Florida and St. Elmo Steak House are other iconic restaurants worth visiting, at least if you wish to explore a bit of American restaurant history.

Feel the beat of history while you enjoy a meal that is likely not the cheapest you can find, but it will certainly be a memorable experience.
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Fine dining and Michelin Star restaurants

If you are interested in the most exquisite and delicious food, there are about 200 Michelin Star restaurants in the US, 13 of which are three star rated.

At some of them, fresh vegetables are the star, if you are into vegan or vegetarian food that are more than an ordinary raw food or vegan restaurant.

Family owned restaurant

There are lists of everything and not surprisingly, you will find lists of the best family owned restaurant. Whether you agree with the lists is a matter of taste. Most lists are personal and are perhaps not so relevant to most of us.

Check with your circle of friends for tips of the best family owned restaurant, whether it is a cozy restaurant, or a restaurant with an extensive menu or a hidden little gem that is known only to a selected few.
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Street food

Street food is sometimes the best way of getting to know a place and its food culture and can be the best culinary experience.

American street food can be more or less anything and there is a food truck for "everything" –fried chicken sandwich, gourmet burgers, hotdogs, churros, Indian cuisine, Thai food and so on. Having a food truck has turned out to be quite profitable, which makes it easy for you to find whatever typical American street food you are after.

Tacos, donuts, grilled cheese, hot dogs, dumplings, sliced pizza, Polish boy (a type of sandwich with sausage), burritos, pretzel, gyros; street food is a world of its own. Not surprisingly there is also a Netflix series called Street Food USA.

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