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For Italians, food is essential and the best food is whatever mama or nonna (grandmother) has prepared. Even if restaurants do not serve mama's or nonna's food, Italy is a great place for any food lover.

When planning your visit and booking a hotel, take some time to get to know Italian way of eating. Read reviews from your circle of friends in the Nova Circle to find the best places to eat.

Italian food culture

In terms of food, Italy is probably most known for pizza and pasta. In general, Italian food is characterized by high quality ingredients and for its simplicity of dishes. When looking at a plate of a typical Italian dish, you can easily identify the different ingredients.

The local food differs depending on the region. In northern Italy, the food is more influenced by the German, Swiss and French kitchens, with creamer and heavier dishes.

In the south, you can expect dishes with fish, seafood, tomatoes and lemons. No matter where you are, you can find olive oil of the highest quality and local wine. Italy has a specific system of classifying wine. The "Denominazione di Origine Controllata" , or DOC, represents a quality wine from a specific region. 
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The Italian way of eating

An Italian meal has a specific structure. It starts with antipasti, which means "before the meal", with food such as charcuteries, vegetables in oil or vinegar, olives, cheeses and bread.

After the antipasti follows primo piatto; pasta, risotto or soup. When eating pasta or risotto in Italy, the sauce is not the star, but instead the perfectly prepared pasta or rice, which is enhanced and not dominated by the sauce or gravy.

Next in line is the main course, or secondo piatto, meat, fish or seafood with "contorno", that is, vegetables and potatoes or similar.
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Traditional Italian dishes

Traditional Italian dishes vary from region to region. Here are a few examples of iconic Italian dishes that you may find also outside of Italy.
Ossobuco alla milanese is a well-known Italian dish cooked from veal shanks that are cross-cut so as to include the bone. This is where the name ossobuco comes from – bone with a hole.

Saltimbocca alla romana is a classic dish from Rome. It is prepared with thin slices of veal, prosciutto and fresh sage.

Polenta is made from stone grounded corn. Basically it is yellow cornmeal that is cooked slowly to a creamy consistency. The Italian nonna would spend considerably more time on preparing polenta than what it says on the package in the grocery store.

Arancini di riso are small balls of risotto, that are covered in breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until they are golden and crispy.
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Famous Italian restaurants

La Pergola in Rome is by some rated as one of the worlds most beautiful restaurant. This is the only restaurant in Rome with three Michelin Stars and serves an exquisite gourmet menu.

At Il Palagio in Florence you can taste the best of what Italian cuisine has to offer with a several courses menu, as is the Italian way.
Club del Doge Restaurant in Venice overlooks the Grand Canal. If you plan a visit from May to October you may be able to book a table on the terrace for a spectacular view during your meal.

If you love famous restaurants with a beautiful setting and an amazing view, Il Pellicano at the Tuscan coast is one of all the places where you can watch both the ocean and celebrities.

The list of famous Italian restaurants could be much longer. Use Cova circle app to find restaurant reviews that are aligned with your interests and preferences or simply ask your circle of friends for recommendations.
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Street food

Street food is often the best way to get to know a culture. Italian street food would not really be Italian without some sort of pizza, which you buy in the form of a slice or "pizza al tagio". In some places, the small deep-fried rice balls, Arancini mentioned earlier, also a popular kind of street food.

Piadina is a kind of flatbread where you decide the filling – cheese, vegetables, charcuteries and so on. Panelle, a Sicilian street food, are a kind of fritters made from chickpea flour.
Panzerotti look like mini calzones due to their crescent shape. They are filled with mozzarella and tomatoes and seasoned with oregano.
Search our app for spot on reviews of the best street food, curated by your friends.

Restaurant reviews from local bloggers

In some places, especially in the big cities such as Rome and Florence, there are local bloggers who can guide you to the best culinary experiences. However, Italy is full of hidden gems, unique places and restaurants where you may have a food experience of a lifetime.
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