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When visiting Rome, you have the opportunity to try not only the local wines, but also to get the feel of the traditional Roman drink culture, which goes back to ancient times. Take a stroll in the eternal city and pop down at one of the many outside tables and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Rome.

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Reviews bars Rome
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The history of Roman bars

Bars in Rome, historically known as tabernae, were central to Roman life as early as ancient times. These venues evolved from simple wine houses to sophisticated establishments serving a range of beverages.

During the Renaissance, Rome's taverns were bustling centers of social life, often frequented by artists, writers, and intellectuals, a tradition of gathering over a drink that continues today.
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Drink culture in Rome

The drink culture in Rome is deeply intertwined with the concept of "la dolce vita," emphasizing leisure and pleasure. Aperitivo time is a quintessential Roman experience – a social gathering and a way to unwind before dinner.

Bars offer an array of drinks accompanied by small plates of Roman cuisine such as orange salad, pasta, and fresh fish. Cocktails, particularly the martini and negroni, along with traditional Italian wines, are staples.

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Key areas with bars

The bars in Rome are scattered across various districts, each with its own character:

Trastevere is renowned for its quaint cobblestone streets lined with traditional bars and is popular among both tourists and locals.

The area around Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori is bustling with tourists and has numerous bars offering outdoor seating, where you can enjoy the eternal city’s ambiance.

Many bars are conveniently located near major hotels, catering to hotel guests looking to enjoy a nightcap or happy hour.

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Wine bars

Rome's bars often feature an extensive wine list that showcases both regional and national wines. Stop by a wine bar with your friends to savor top-notch selections in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Wine bars typically offer a la carte menus that include classic Italian dishes. Drinks like the Aperol Spritz during aperitivo and a fine glass of Chianti or Barolo during dinner are favorites.

Popular wine bars often require you to book ahead, especially those ranked among the best restaurants and bars in Rome.

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Famous local wines

When visiting a wine bar, take the chance to savor some of the local wines of the region:

Frascati is a white wine that is known for its refreshing acidity and light, crisp taste. Made primarily from Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes, Frascati ranges from dry to slightly sweet and pairs beautifully with seafood, salads, and light pasta dishes.

Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone is a historic wine, also crafted from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes. It offers a pleasant mix of citrus and almond flavors and complements a variety of foods, from creamy pastas to soft cheeses.

Cesanese is unique to the Lazio region, a red wine made from the Cesanese grape and is cherished for its deep ruby color and aromatic blend of red berries and spices. Its rich, tannic nature makes it ideal for pairing with red meats, robust pasta dishes, and mature cheeses.

Cannellino di Frascati is derived from the same grapes as Frascati but harvested later for higher sugar content. This dessert wine is excellent for sipping alongside desserts like panna cotta.

Marino is similar to Frascati but with a more pronounced mineral edge. Marino is a delightful accompaniment to fish and poultry.
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