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When you think about the Netherlands, what comes to mind are perhaps tulips, Amsterdam with its canals or busy city life. But in this small country you can also find beautiful beaches with the cleanest of water, and sweeping landscapes, as painted by Vincent van Gogh.
The Netherlands may be small but has much to discover. With selected reviews, aligned with your preferences, you will plan the best trip possible for you.

The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a big city with a lot of charm. Canal boats, cobblestone lanes and many centuries old buildings.

The Rijksmuseum showcases 800 years of Dutch history, with masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. And that is just one of the many museums worth visiting.

Beyond typical tourist traps are hip shops, nightclubs, a thriving art scene and parks. Whatever you wish to discover in Amsterdam, trusted recommendations from your circle of friends can guide you to the best places to visit.
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Amanda Kymmer

A tour on a canal boat or a bicycle ride?

Perhaps the best way to explore Amsterdam is to take a tour along the city's many charming canals. According to UNESCO World Heritage Commission, the canals are a "cultural heritage of exceptional quality". Or go on a bicycle ride. Amsterdam is very easy to explore by just renting a bike in this "bicycle capital of the world".

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Places to visit close to Amsterdam city center

There are many other cities worth visiting besides Amsterdam such as Leiden, Maastricht and Utrecht. If you're looking for a lovely place, a town with a cute little cafe in a typical Dutch environment, you can visit the fishing village Volendam, about 20 km from Amsterdam.
In fact, with the Netherlands being such a small country, everything is pretty close.

The distinction between city and urban networks is kind of blurred. If you travel with train through the Netherlands, it can be difficult to see the demarcation between one city and another.

Gouda, famous for the Gouda cheese, is not far from Rotterdam.
Check in at a hotel in Rotterdam and take a day trip to Gouda, stroll around at the cheese market and try a local restaurant the same day before heading back.
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Beautiful beaches and sand dunes

Perhaps not so well-known; the Netherlands have long beautiful beaches with very clean water. Beyond the beaches are rolling sand dunes, constantly changing due to the forces of water and wind. Here you can find wild fauna and flora and freshwater lakes.

Vincent van Gogh landscapes

The unique Dutch landscape has been represented many times in paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The countryside has its special character with wind mills and tulip fields, pretty villages and canals.
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Like most destinations, the Netherlands has more to explore than can be covered in just one trip.

With spot on recommendations from people who share your interests, it is easier to plan a trip that includes everything of importance for you. Download the Nova Circle app to get genuine reviews that are relevant for you.
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Frequently asked questions – reviews Netherlands

The Netherlands has a wide variety of things to do.

Explore busy city life, sand dunes and beaches and an undulating countryside, silhouetted by windmills and cute towns with historical buildings.

The Netherlands ranks high in many different kinds of parameters in terms of well-being, such as work-life balance, education, healthcare, safety and life satisfaction.
The answer to this question depends on what you compare. In general, work-life balance and general happiness is higher in the Netherlands than in the USA.
The city of Amsterdam with its many canals, windmills, tulip fields and vast areas of sand dunes are unique characteristics of the Netherlands.
Amsterdam has one of the most well-known red light districts, an area with sex clubs, window brothels and strip clubs.