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Traditional food based on potato and herring or an international cuisine. The Dutch restaurants will not disappoint you if you find the right places for you – hot spots or perhaps a cozy location along one of the many canals.

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Dutch food history

Dutch food culture is heavily influenced by its agricultural past. Bread and potato were for hundreds of years typical cuisine and that is why you can find so many dishes based on potato, bread and cheese.
Hearty meals with meat or fish from the North Sea are also typical for Dutch cuisine, while colonization brought with it exotic flavors from Indonesia and Suriname, which have resulted in some Dutch-Indonesian fusion recipes.

Typically, dinner is quite early, at 5 PM to 6 PM. Dinner is often the only warm meal during the day, so this is a great time to sit around the table and eat savory food with family and friends.
Dutch cuisine puts a lot of emphasis on simple, healthy eating. The country was even ranked as number one on Oxfam’s Good Enough to Eat index for having the most nutritious and affordable diet.
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Traditional Dutch food

There are many traditional Dutch dishes worth trying
Stamppot is made of mashed potato mixed with vegetables such as carrots, turnip, kale or spinach, often eaten with rookworst, smoked Dutch sausage.

The thick Dutch French Fries, eaten with toppings such as mayonnaise, ketjap or curry is another example.
Fried meatballs, bitterballen, is also an authentic Dutch food and if you would prefer similar dishes based on fish you can try lekkerbekje or kibbeling.

Kroket is another fried alternative with different flavors. Dutch pancakes, pannenkoeken, can be eaten any time during the day and are served with different toppings, ranging from cheese and ham to apple and raisins. Soused herring is another typical dish.
For those with a sweet tooth, there are lovely treats like fluffy poffertjes, fried oliebollen and stroopwafels.
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Restaurant at the canal or the beach

There are a plethora of restaurants in the Netherlands, so if you are looking for a restaurant in a busy city location in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague or Eindhoven there will be many to choose from.

If you prefer a location in a cozy environment along the canals of Amsterdam, or prefer the views of the kilometer long sand beaches of Scheveningen, you can find restaurants for all taste buds.

The Dutchies are very friendly in general so you will meet friendly staff at most restaurants.Reviews Restaurant Netherlands. Trusted reviews with Nova Circle.

Use the Nova Circle app to plan your visit in the Netherlands and to get the best meal the country can offer – for you.
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Fine dining at Amsterdam restaurants

If you are a foodie with a big budget and want to explore fine dining with outstanding service, the Netherlands will not disappoint you. Wherever you are staying on your visit, you will not be far from a culinary experience to remember.

There are over 120 Michelin star restaurants – 100 one star restaurants, 20 two star restaurants and the three star restaurant De Librije.
De Librije is in a former prison building, transformed with a lounge and dining room with glass roof. Authentic regional products from Zwolle, where the restaurant is located, are combined with the latest cooking methods and an innovative menu.

A famous restaurant with two Michelin stars is Ciel Bleu at the Okura Hotel, where you can expect high quality, delicious food and an international menu.
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Street food

Dutch street food will not disappoint you. Here are a few examples that you may want to try during your visit.

Poffertjes have already been mentioned. They are small, fluffy pancakes, usually made with buckwheat flour and yeast, that are served with a dollop of butter, icing sugar and syrup.

Stroopwafels are cookies made from double layers of thin waffles with a syrup filling.

Rookworst is a traditional Dutch sausage that can be made from different kinds of meat – pork, beef and in later years even turkey.
Hollandse nieuwe is a street food for the brave. Either you hate it or love it. In essence, it is herring soaked in a preserving liquid such as vinegar or cider. Not raw but not cooked either.

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