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Swedish restaurants offer a wide variety of interesting, traditional, and experimental "New Nordic Cuisine" dishes. If you prefer rustic and hearty meals, Swedish meatballs is a "must". If you rather prefer the freshest of seafood that is also something you can find.
With reviews that are relevant to you, aligned with your preferences, you will have an amazing experience exploring Swedish restaurants.
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Swedish food history

With Sweden being a country far up north, where the northern part is even beyond the Arctic Circle, Swedish food has a history of different methods of food preservation.

During the long winters when there was little fresh food available, different kinds of preservation methods were used, such as drying, pickling or fermenting vegetables, meat and fish.

From here stems the typical dish pickled herring. Swedish food also centers around potatoes (often used as a side dish) and other root vegetables, wild berries, meat and cultured dairy. Porridge and bread has also been an important staple for people in Sweden.
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Traditional Swedish dishes

Pickled herring is as mentioned a typical Swedish dish that is served at national holidays and celebrations – at Christmas, Easter and on Midsummer. Another dish that you will find at these celebrations is gravlax (pickled salmon).

Well-known to many people outside of Sweden is the "smorgasbord", a buffé with typical Swedish food such as the pickled herring and gravlax mentioned above, in combination with a wide variety of other dishes.
Meatballs, with potatoes, lingonberry jam and a creamy sauce is another traditional dish.

In August, many Swedes have a crayfish party where they eat crayfish boiled in a brine with dill. Blood pudding is a dish that perhaps scares tourists or if you take up the challenge and try it.
There are also many dishes that are typical for a specific region, such as kroppkakor, a kind of Swedish dumpling, which is typical for the island of Öland.

Famous Swedish restaurants

Restaurants come and go but some stay for a very long time. In Stockholm you find one of the world's oldest restaurants, Den Gyldene Freden. Other iconic restaurants in Stockholm are Tennstopet, Sturehof and Hasselbacken.

In Gothenburg, on the west coast, you can find fantastic seafood prepared fresh at for example Fiskekrogen or the restaurant FeskeKörka – Fish Church.

In Malmö you will find the classic restaurant Bullen from 1897 where you can find traditional Swedish food, "husmanskost".

If you're out for a truly spectacular restaurant experience you can go far north to Jukkasjärvi and make a dinner reservation at the Ice Hotel, a hotel built completely of ice and that is rebuilt every year. If you are lucky, you may even get to see the northern lights at night in the winter.
Depending on who you ask you would probably get a completely different recommendation, so make sure to get recommendations from people who share your preferences.
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Fine dining

If you're into the most exclusive kind of dining, with exceptional service, wine and exquisite courses from starter to dessert, Sweden has no less than 19 Michelin Star Restaurants.

The restaurant Franzén can even boast with three stars. Other examples are Vollmer in southern Sweden not far from Malmö, Ekstedt in Stockholm, where the food is prepared over open fire or similar traditional technics, and Sushi Sho, which serves sushi but with Swedish and European ingredients.

Many of these restaurants are part of the New Nordic Cuisine, a movement that dates back a couple of decades and that promotes local, natural and seasonal produce.

When street food is your favorite meal

Like most countries, today Swedish street food has influences from all over the world. If you want to try something typically Swedish that you have never eaten before, you can try Swedish varieties of the hotdog, served with mashed potatoes, ketchup, mustard and shrimp-and-mayonnaise salad.

Or eat your hot dog in a flat bread with mashed potatoes; this combination is called "tunnbrödsrulle".

Breaded and fried herring with mashed potatoes is another typical Swedish street food that you may want to try.

You will also find Swedish varieties of dishes from all over the world. Try for example a "kebabrulle" (kebab in flat bread), pizza with pineapple or kebab pizza, different kinds of wraps, burgers, poké bowls and sushi.
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We all have different tastes and perhaps this is most apparent when it comes to food and the whole experience we want from a restaurant.
With genuine reviews and recommendations from your circle of friends and likeminded people, you will find the best Swedish restaurants for you. Download our app and browse the reviews or write one of your own to guide your friends to an amazing experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions – Reviews Restaurant Sweden

Restaurants in Sweden are generally considered fairly expensive. A budget meal may cost around €10 per person; to that cost you also have to add cost for beverages.
You can pay with cash in most restaurants but there are also cashless restaurants. If you are planning on paying with cash, you can contact the restaurant in advance, when you make your booking, to make sure they accept cash.
Paying tips in Swedish restaurants are not something you should feel obliged to do. If you enjoy the experience, a tip of around 5 to 10% could be a nice gesture to the restaurant to show your appreciation.
The restaurant is a TV series where the first season starts at the end of World War II and continues two decades. The story follows the family Löwander and their restaurant.