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If there is any country in the world where you can expect to have an exceptional culinary experience, it is France. The French kitchen has had an immense impact on the world and in Europe above all.

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Reviews Restaurant France

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When we go somewhere to discover a new country, restaurant or bar, we often want them to be something of an adventure, something that we will remember for a long time. And we want to avoid being disappointed.

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French food culture

In France, food is important. Eating together is allowed to take time and be enjoyed. The quality of French food, or French cuisine, is also important.

We may think about French cuisine as cheese, wine, baguette, and "haute cuisine". Many of the cooking techniques used internationally stem from French cooking, from cutting vegetables (julienne) to making a perfect sauce or bouquet garni (an aromatic herb bundle).

French kitchen is simply an art form. With our spot on reviews you will find the best location for you to savor meal you will remember for a long time.
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Traditional dishes

There are many traditional French dishes that have been spread all over the world and you can find them in restaurants everywhere.
One example is ratatouille, a vegetable stew of eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. The fish soup Bouillabaisse and meat stew Boeuf Bourguignon are also examples of French dishes that you can have at restaurants in France or elsewhere.

Quiche Lorraine (a pie with bacon, cream, eggs), Crêpes and Salade Niçoise are all iconic dishes. If you haven't tried them before, now would be the perfect time to do so.

For Christmas eve, many families gather around to eat seafood – oysters, lobster, clams and so on. A Christmas eve dinner often includes other French delicacies such as foie gras, snails, roast bird and the classic dessert Bûche de Noël, generally known as Yule log.
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Famous French restaurants

Many of the most famous and well-known restaurants are in Paris. Le Fouquet’s opened in 1899 and has since then been visited by many important and celebrated people.

In Paris you will also find Café de Flore, which has been visited by many illustrious and fashionable people, if you are looking for an air of fashion and flair and exceptional service.

Well-known French restaurants outside the city of Paris are for example La Cantine de Lulu in Nice, that serves local food from the city itself, as does also Au Moulin Enchante. In Lyon you find Les Apothicaires, which offers a creative menu with a melting pot of flavors, according to the owners' website.

Fine dining

If you are into the really exclusive kind of a dining, according to the Michelin Guide France has more than 600 restaurants that have been awarded one, two or three stars.

Start with an amuse bouche (a small appetizer before the meal), delve into an extensive wine list, and enjoy a several courses menu to see the best France has to offer in terms of exclusive restaurants.

This kind of experience must be booked a long time in advance. France can offer amazing restaurant moments, also you are more spontaneous.
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Street food

France has its own special kind of street food – crêpes, galettes and gaufres. Crêpes are kind of pancake that can both have a sweet and savory filling.

A galette is a kind of pancake that is made with buckwheat flour and has a savory filling. Gaufres, similar to crêpes, can be both sweet and savory.

Great food wherever you go

Food in France can be both adventurous and classic, haute cuisine or wallet friendly, however, wherever you go, you will have a great experience. As mentioned in the beginning, food is of great importance in France.

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Currently there are nine restaurants in Paris that have been rewarded three Michelin Starts; Plénitude, Cheval Blanc Paris, L'Ambroisie, Kei, Arpège, Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen, Épicure, Le Cinq and Pierre Gagnair.

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