Reviews hotel New York Manhattan

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When visiting New York Manhattan, make sure you book a hotel that will make your visit a truly memorable experience. We believe a recommendation from a friend is worth more than random reviews from strangers. Download the Nova Circle app and become part of a vibrant community where you will get spot on tips from everything related to where to stay, do, eat and drink.
Reviews hotel New York Manhattan
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The areas of Manhattan

Manhattan comprises many areas where you will find great hotels, from budget alternatives to luxury properties. Below is a short summary of areas to explore.

Times Square and Midtown Manhattan

Booking a hotel in Times Square places you at the epicenter of New York City. The area is truly an amazing location, with hotels showcasing spectacular lobbies and great amenities.

A stay here means that you are just blocks away from Broadway shows and the center of the city's entertainment and shopping. Some hotels offer concierge services that help you navigate the myriad of nearby attractions.


Lower Manhattan and the Financial District

If you are seeking a place near historical sites and leading financial institutions, Lower Manhattan offers a more subdued environment than Times Square and Midtown. Hotels here are a stone's throw from the World Trade Center and Wall Street, ideal for business travelers.

The area's hotels provide accessible facilities and often have a more modern, sleek design in both public spaces like the lobby and private rooms. The entrance to these properties can lead you straight into streets filled with bars and restaurants.

Personal advice, however, beats general recommendations. With the Nova Circle app you will get trusted reviews from people who share your interests and preferences, which makes it easier for you to find a hotel that matches your desires and budget.

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Chelsea and Greenwich Village

Staying in Chelsea or Greenwich Village gives you a taste of New York's rich artistic heritage. These neighborhoods are less tourist-heavy, if you are seeking a more authentic New York City experience.

Hotels here are typically surrounded by galleries, small bars, and unique shops that you can explore on a morning walk through the area before heading off to the city's many attractions.

Upper East Side and Upper West Side

For a more upscale experience, the Upper East Side offers elegance and serenity with its proximity to Central Park and world-renowned museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the Upper West Side, while similarly affluent, you can find a more laid-back stay, close to cultural icons such as the American Museum of Natural History.

Hotels in these areas focus on luxury, with spacious rooms featuring elegant beds and bathrooms, as well as sophisticated lobbies. The gym facilities are usually top-notch, ensuring you get a healthy start to your day.


Harlem is a great choice if you plan to explore the rich culture of New York beyond the usual tourist sites. Visit local jazz bars or go on historical tours, or just soak in the unique atmosphere of this iconic neighborhood.
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