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With a history going back to Neolithic times, breathtaking landscapes, impressive architecture and modern cities, England is a wonderful destination for any kind of traveler – which also makes it difficult to choose what to do.

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Reviews England
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A rich history beginning in a distant past

England's rich history is depicted in its magnificent architecture, museums, and historical landmarks that span centuries. From the Neolithic ruins of Stonehenge to the medieval castles of Warwick and Windsor, you can almost watch history come to life.

The Tower of London and the Roman Baths in Bath offer scenes where you can almost hear the echoes of the past. Cultural events, like the plays of Shakespeare performed in the very land that birthed them, showcase England’s profound impact on the world of literature and the arts.

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The beautiful regions of England

Each region in England offers a unique character and charm. In the South of England you will find the iconic white cliffs of Dover and the resort towns along the English Riviera. Brighton and Cornwall stand out with their breathtaking seaside sceneries, perfect for a summer visit.

The North of England is home to industrial heritage cities like Manchester and Liverpool, each with a strong identity in music and arts. The rugged beauty of the Lake District is a must if you are looking to escape into nature. Central England is the heartland of Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, and the historical academic institutions of Oxford and Cambridge.

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I live for food, wine and experiences. Finally there’s an app where I can share my favorite spots and get inspired by others.
Testimonial from Sebastian Gibrand
Sebastian Gibrand
As a foodie with an interest in art and fashion, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best food and drink spots, art museums and the ultimate shopping destinations. When looking for inspiration, I always trust recommendations from friends above all. With Nova Circle it’s now a breeze to find new places that are in tune with what I like, from those I trust.
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Pauline Krogsbøll
Love this app! As a foodie myself, living in NYC with endless options - ”where should we eat/go for drinks today?” is a constant question. l always trust recommendations from friends more than anything and with Nova Circle it’s so easy to find new places that are genuinely good, recommended by all the people I trust.
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Amanda Kymmer

Famous attractions

Beyond history, England is home to modern attractions like the London Eye, which offers a convincing panoramic view of the capital's skyline. The British Museum and National Gallery host collections that narrate a global story, drawing children and adults alike into a world of discovery.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit England is typically during the late spring (April to June) and early autumn (September to October). These months offer milder weather and fewer crowds, allowing you to fully enjoy the open air and green landscapes. Summer can be particularly fun for attending various festivals and events, though it is often busier.
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A few tips along the way

Prepare for the weather: Pack layers and a waterproof jacket to comfortably cope with unpredictable English weather.

Try local cuisine: Don’t miss out on traditional dishes like fish and chips, and explore the diverse international foods available.

Attend local events: Engage with the culture by attending festivals and events, which are fun ways to experience local traditions and modern life.

Visit museums and galleries: Many are free and offer a fantastic insight into global art and history.

Explore rural areas: Beyond major cities, places like the Cotswolds and Lake District offer beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

Respect local customs: Politeness and proper queuing are important in English society.

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