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If you love seafood, Gothenburg is the city for you. Gothenburg, or Göteborg in Swedish, is on the West coast of Sweden and restaurants can serve fresh catch from the Kattegat, an arm of the North Sea.
However, Gothenburg is much more than seafood. Browse trusted reviews on the Nova Circle app for a top restaurant experience.

Charming areas in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a city with a lot of charm, with many areas reminiscent of the old working class environment and fishing industry. Fishing is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

Haga is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Gothenburg. Here you can find cozy cafes and cute stores. The well-preserved wooden houses in Haga are built in a typical style called landshövdingehus. Enjoy a relaxed meal before you continue your stroll among the picturesque houses.
Masthugget is a unique area, a hilly old working-class district. Although a few older buildings remain, most of the old seaman's huts have been replaced by a vibrant pub scene. There is still an unpolished charm and "be yourself" spirit over Masthugget, just like over the neighboring districts of Majorna and Haga.

Majorna is also one of the working-class districts that have been modernized over the last decades. Also here you can still see the typical houses of the landshövdingehus style. Majorna is a great place for a walk during the summer and has an array of restaurants, bars and shops.
Linnéstaden is a vibrant and diverse area, known for its tree-lined streets, historic buildings, and a mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Linnégatan is a popular street with a lively atmosphere and a variety of dining options.
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Famous restaurants in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has many renowned restaurants worth visiting. For being such a small city, Gothenburg has an impressive amount of Michelin star restaurants.

Koka is a renowned restaurant with a menu based on local ingredients. At Koka, plants and seafood dominate the dishes.

SK Mat & Människor (SK Food & People) serves dishes with ingredients from the local area, which are prepared in the middle of the dining room in a completely open kitchen without walls – an experience for all the senses!

Restaurang 28+ has had a Michelin star for more than three decades. The restaurant has a seasonal approach, meaning that the menus are revised every 4 - 6 weeks. Expect dishes with a high level of creativity.
Besides Koka, SK Mat & Människor and Restaurang 28+ the other three restaurants in Gothenburg with a Michelin star are Bhoga, Project and Signum.
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Restaurants with a view

Feskekörka is not a restaurant but an iconic fish market, dating back to 1874. It is beautifully situated right at the waterfront and is a must-visit if you are a seafood lover. Explore the market stalls, sample fresh catches, or enjoy a meal at one of the on-site restaurants.

Upper House Dining has an unbeatable view of Gothenburg. Choose among an extensive selection of cocktails, champagne, wine and local beers in the bar and nibble on charcuterie and other small dishes. There is also an outdoor terrace with a fantastic view of Gothenburg.

Sjömagasinet serves amazing seafood with a view of the harbor and the iconic bridge Älvsborgsbron. During summer the terrace opens up to one of the best views in Gothenburg.

VrÅ, on the 25th floor of Gothia Towers, offers a unique blend of Japanese and Scandinavian flavors. The restaurant's large windows provide a fantastic view of the city.

Restaurang Gabriel is located by the waterfront and is famous for its seafood dishes. The restaurant offers outdoor seating with views of the harbor and the iconic Opera House.
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Cheap eats

If you are looking for something quick to eat and on a lower budget, Gothenburg has many food stands where you can eat all kinds of hotdogs.

Here are a few other options:
Smörgåsbutiken is known for its delicious and reasonably priced smorgasbord (open sandwiches).Kafé Magasinet is a popular spot for affordable lunches with a diverse menu.

Dubbel Dubbel offers budget-friendly Asian fusion dishes with a focus on dumplings.

Gillbergs is a classic Swedish restaurant with reasonable prices, particularly for its lunch menu.

Spoonery offers healthy and affordable soups, salads, and wraps.
If you are in the mood for hot dogs, Korv United is a place that offers a variety of options at reasonable prices.

Nordic Street Food is a food court-style venue with various vendors offering different cuisines at affordable prices.
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Frequently Asked Questions – Reviews Restaurant Gothenburg

If you plan a dinner at one of the more exclusive restaurants, such as one of Gothenburg's six Michelin star restaurants, making a table reservation a long time in advance is advisable. Usually, you will be able to book a table a couple of days ahead or the same day
Leaving a tip in Sweden, as well as in Gothenburg is not something you "must" do. If you enjoy your dinner and the service, a tip around 5 to 10% is a nice gesture.
Dinner reservation generally lasts between 2-2.5 hours, but it depends on the restaurant and the day of the week. Check with the restaurant before and to make sure you understand their booking policies.