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Reviews restaurant Noord-Holland

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Noord-Holland is a province rich in history, culture, and, not least, excellent food, making it a fantastic destination for food lovers. With the Nova Circle app, discovering the best restaurants in Noord-Holland is easier than ever. Get personalized recommendations from friends and likeminded people, and find the perfect dining spots to suit your taste and preferences. Download the Nova Circle app and start planning your culinary adventure in Noord-Holland.
Reviews restaurant Noord-Holland
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Food history and culture

The culinary history of Noord-Holland is deeply rooted in its maritime heritage and agricultural traditions. The region's proximity to the North Sea ensures a plentiful supply of fresh seafood, while the fertile lands produce an abundance of vegetables, dairy, and meats. This blend of sea and land resources is reflected in the traditional dishes of the area.

In Amsterdam, you will find everything from herring stands and cozy brown cafes to upscale restaurants offering gourmet meals. Traditional Dutch dishes such as stamppot (mashed potatoes with vegetables) and erwtensoep (pea soup) are staples on many menus, providing a taste of the region's rich culinary heritage.

With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to eat. For a more personalized recommendation, pop a question in the Nova Circle app and you will get a suggestion that is tailored to you. 
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Traditional dishes

When dining in Noord-Holland, there are several traditional dishes you simply must try:

Haring: Fresh herring is a beloved Dutch delicacy, often enjoyed raw with onions and pickles. It is a quick and tasty snack that you can find at various stalls and markets throughout the region.

Poffertjes: These small, fluffy pancakes are typically served with powdered sugar and butter. They are a sweet treat that can be enjoyed at local markets or specialized poffertjes restaurants.

Stamppot: This hearty dish consists of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables like kale or carrots, often served with a juicy sausage. It is the perfect comfort food, especially in the colder months.

Erwtensoep: Also known as snert, this thick pea soup is made with split peas, pork, and vegetables. It’s a traditional winter dish that’s both nutritious and delicious.

Kibbeling: Deep-fried chunks of white fish, usually served with a tangy garlic sauce. It is a popular street food that is perfect for a quick bite on the go.

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Famous restaurants

Noord-Holland is home to several renowned restaurants that you do not want to miss:

Restaurant De Kas: Located in a greenhouse, De Kas offers a unique farm-to-table dining experience. The menu changes daily, based on the fresh produce harvested from their garden.

Restaurant Ciel Bleu: This two-Michelin-starred restaurant, located in the Okura Hotel, offers an unforgettable dining experience with stunning views of Amsterdam. The menu features innovative dishes made with the finest ingredients.

Restaurant Bak: Known for its modern European cuisine, Bak prides itself on using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

De Librije’s Zusje: Another Michelin-starred gem, this restaurant offers exquisite dishes with a focus on Dutch cuisine, prepared by top chefs in an elegant setting.

Use the Nova Circle app to find these famous spots and to discover other hidden gems recommended by friends and likeminded food enthusiasts. Just download the Nova Circle app to connect with friends and discover the best dining spots in Noord-Holland.

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Areas outside Amsterdam

The coastal towns of Zandvoort and Egmond aan Zee are renowned for their fresh seafood, with many restaurants offering dishes like mussels, shrimp, and the catch of the day.

In Haarlem, you can find a variety of charming eateries that serve traditional Dutch fare alongside international cuisine, all in a historic and picturesque setting.

In the countryside, towns like Alkmaar and Hoorn you will find restaurants with a focus on locally sourced produce. If you are a cheese lover you will particularly enjoy Alkmaar, famous for its cheese market and a wide range of cheese-based dishes available in local restaurants. Meanwhile, Hoorn’s harborside restaurants offer an amazing selection of seafood and regional specialties, providing a scenic backdrop for a memorable meal.
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Nova Circle

Noord-Holland combines rich culinary traditions with modern flavors. The good service, great food, and friendly atmosphere make it a fantastic destination for any trip. With the Nova Circle app, you can easily find the best places to eat, based on trusted reviews and recommendations from your friends. Download the app and start exploring the best traditional as well as innovative restaurants of Noord-Holland, curated by your friends. 
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Frequently asked questions – Reviews restaurant Noord-Holland

Tipping at restaurants in Noord-Holland is appreciated but not mandatory. Typically, a service charge is already included in the bill. However, if you receive exceptional service from your server, it is customary to leave a tip of around 5-10% of the total bill. Leaving a small tip shows your appreciation for good service and a nice dining experience.

If you are dining at stalls or places that offer quick service, rounding up the bill or leaving some change is also a kind gesture.

A typical Dutch dinner usually consists of three courses: a starter, a main course, and a dessert. The starter might be a soup or a light salad, followed by a hearty main course such as stamppot or fish. Dessert often includes something sweet like a Dutch apple pie or poffertjes.

While traditional dinners have three courses, many restaurants offer set menus with more courses for a good value, and you can often order à la carte if you prefer a lighter meal. Making reservations is recommended, especially for popular places during peak dining times.