Reviews Restaurant Vatican City

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In the areas surrounding Vatican City you can find a rich variety of dining options, which are easily accessible when visiting major attractions such as Saint Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel.

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Reviews restaurant Vatican City
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Restaurant areas close to Vatican City

Borgo Pio is a picturesque street known for its quaint ambiance and is just a short walk from Saint Peter's Square. It is ideal if you just want to grab a meal in a less touristy environment. Here, you can enjoy everything from traditional Roman dishes to quick sandwiches.

In Prati you can find a mix of traditional Italian restaurants and modern eateries. This area is great when you want to combine a day of sightseeing with a relaxing dinner or a fancy night out.

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Traditional Italian food and local ingredients

Traditional Italian food near the Vatican revolves around fresh, local ingredients. Like everywhere in Italy, the local kitchen uses simple but flavorful ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, and local seafood.

Try dishes with fresh king prawns, delicious eggplant parmigiana, or salads tossed with local produce. Classic pasta dishes, like lobster pasta, are a must-try.


Trattorias are perfect places for enjoying traditional Italian dishes. Here, the menus often feature classic Roman pasta dishes such as cacio e pepe, a flavorful dish with pecorino cheese and black pepper.

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Pizza places

If you are craving pizza, there are numerous pizza places around Vatican City. The best pizza restaurant might just be a small café or perhaps a more prominent establishment offering a variety of pizzas baked in traditional wood-fired ovens.

Aperitivo spots

During aperitivo time, that is, pre-dinner time, many bars and cafes offer a selection of appetizers and snacks, which are sometimes included in the price of a drink. This tradition offers a wonderful opportunity for you to sample a variety of Italian flavors, from olives and cheeses to small sandwiches, and charcuteries.

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Italian fine dining

If you are looking for a more refined dining experience, there are more fancy restaurant options such as the three-star Michelin restaurant La Pergola. Here, you can experience high-end Italian dining with panoramic views of Rome – a perfect place for a special occasion. 

Quick meals and casual options

If you are on a guided tour and have only a few hours, quick meals are available at various sandwich shops. Try a panini filled with cured meat, traditional cheeses and fresh local ingredients – a great, quick meal on the go.

Small cafés near the Vatican offer amazing coffee and breakfast items, making them a perfect place to start your day or for a mid-afternoon break.

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