Reviews hotel Vatican City

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When visiting Rome, Vatican City is a major attraction. You cannot book a hotel inside this small city-state, however, there are many hotel options close to Vatican City, from luxurious accommodations to budget-friendly options. Whether you would like to stay close to the Vatican or in the city center, the Nova Circle app will help you find the right hotel for you. With trusted reviews from your friends and people like you, your stay in Rome will become a truly memorable experience. 
Reviews hotel Vatican City
reviews rome nova circle

Different types of hotels around Vatican City

There are all kinds of hotels around Vatican City. Many luxury hotels have rooftop terraces, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Rome, including key landmarks like San Pietro and the Vatican Museums.

Boutique hotels are smaller, stylish hotels that often have a unique theme or design. Their amenities might include bespoke furniture, a safety deposit box in each room, and designer toiletries.

Mid-range hotels can offer you a balance between cost and comfort. Amenities in these hotels typically include comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms with a walk-in shower, and a breakfast room with a daily buffet.

Guest houses and B&Bs are often family-run and offer a cozy, homely atmosphere. A guest house might be simpler but still come with essential comforts like bed linen, towels, and sometimes a shared kitchen or lounge. 

Hostels are for budget travelers and younger guests. They are an economical choice and often offer shared dormitory rooms, a common area or lounge, and basic self-service facilities like a shared kitchen.

Whatever kind of accommodation you are looking for, the Nova Circle app makes it easy to find a great location aligned with your preferences. Just pop a question in the search box and the app will provide alternatives. Or check with your circle of friends and those you follow for advice that are aligned with you.

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Locations around the Vatican

The Prati District is just east of Vatican City and is known for its elegant streets and an array of restaurants and shops. It is ideal if you want a quieter stay still within walking distance to major sights.

The Trastevere Area is a vibrant and bohemian district south of the Vatican and is famous for its lively nightlife and rustic Roman cuisine.

Near the Battistini Metro Station, a bit further from the center, you can find more budget-friendly accommodation options. The area is well-connected by public transport.
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Basic amenities in hotels

Basic amenities that you can find in hotels are free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms equipped with towels and toiletries, and safety deposit boxes.

Some hotels may offer rooms with balconies, espresso machines, or even a citrus press for fresh juice in the morning. Beds are typically well-reviewed for comfort, and additional bed linen is usually available on request.

Higher-end hotels might provide room service, a concierge desk to help with travel arrangements, and sometimes a shuttle service to major hubs like Termini Station or Fiumicino Airport.

If there is anything special you need, consult with your circle of friends on the Nova Circle app and they will help you find the right hotel for you. 

For business travelers

Many hotels offer spacious rooms or suites equipped with desks and meeting facilities, which is excellent for business travelers. Reception areas usually have helpful staff who can assist with both check-in and local information.

In some hotels you may find a rooftop terrace, shared lounges, and occasionally, small fitness centers are available, especially in mid-range to luxury hotels.

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