Reviews bars Lazio, Italy

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Winemaking in Lazio can be traced back to ancient times. Although local wines of the region are worth trying, the bars in Lazio have much more to offer. Save time finding the best bar with real recommendations from friends and people you trust. Download the Nova Circle app to find that special place that will stay with you for a long time.
Reviews bars Lazio
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Different types of bars

The bars of Lazio, particularly those in Rome, stem from a rich tradition that dates back centuries. Here you can find bars that have evolved from the simple wine taverns that once served the ancient Romans to sophisticated modern establishments offering an array of cocktails and local wine.

In other words, bars vary widely, ranging from historic enotecas that specialize in local wines to trendy cocktail bars that feature live music and innovative mixes. You may find bars that transform from a quiet spot during the day to a lively party scene by night, complete with good cocktails and live music. 
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Outdoor bars and dining

There are also many outdoor bars that provide a fantastic atmosphere for both lunch and dinner, allowing you to enjoy delicious bites of antipasto or fresh seafood while people-watching on a lively street or a quiet town square – whatever is your preference.

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Local wine and cocktails

I Lazio you can find a wide range of drinks and cocktails, from the classic Aperol spritz to more intricate concoctions. Order a drink during happy hour, and have it paired with small dishes like bread, cheese, or olives.

For wine enthusiasts, local bars offer a chance to sip on regional varieties, either by the glass or the bottle, accompanied by expert advice from knowledgeable staff.
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Beer and coffee

Beer lovers are not left out, as many bars in Lazio also offer a selection of local and international brews, perfect for those who prefer a laid-back evening.

Coffee is another staple in these bars, often enjoyed after a meal or as a pick-me-up during a night out. Or drink it on the go in the morning, as the Italians do, soaking in the nice atmosphere before you head off to a must-see attraction.

The Nova Circle app makes it easy to find a bar in your taste. Skip browsing endless reviews from strangers online and get top tips from friends and people who share your preferences. Just download the app and explore what Lazio has to offer – that also aligns with you.

Bar menus

A bar menu typically consists, besides the drinks, of a mix of traditional and modern dishes, with everything from a simple yet superb pasta dish to more complex creations.

If you are looking for a cool place with a great atmosphere to enjoy a meal, Lazio's bars often offer both indoor and outdoor dining options. They may however be priced higher, especially in Rome, due to their prime locations and the quality of food and drinks they serve.

Service at bars in Lazio is generally excellent, with staff eager to make recommendations and ensure you get a pleasant experience. Making reservations could be advisable to avoid waiting for a table in these popular spots.

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