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Paris is known all over the world for its romantic charm, historic landmarks, and exquisite cuisine. But beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, Paris offers a variety of hotel experiences for all kinds of travelers. With the Nova Circle app, you can find the best Paris hotels, complete with personalized reviews from your friends. Download our app and start planning your unforgettable stay in Paris.
Reviews hotel Paris
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Luxury and comfort

Paris hotels offer a range of accommodations, from deluxe rooms with king beds to spacious suites with breathtaking views. If you are seeking the ultimate comfort, why not stay in one of the city’s luxury hotels, many of which feature spas, pools, and gourmet restaurants.

Locations like St Germain and the Right Bank are renowned for their attentive service and elegant public spaces. Check-in is a breeze with knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.

Boutique and budget-friendly hotels

If you prefer a more intimate experience, boutique hotels in Paris, often housed in charming historical buildings, provide unique decor and personalized service. If budget-conscious, there are plenty of budget hotels offering basic but comfortable rooms with amenities like free Wi-Fi, mini-fridges, and sometimes even a kitchenette.

Use the Nova Circle app for a quick and easy selection of hotels that match your taste and budget. However, no matter your preferences, most hotels in Paris will ensure you get a memorable stay.
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Members thoughts

I live for food, wine and experiences. Finally there’s an app where I can share my favorite spots and get inspired by others.
Testimonial from Sebastian Gibrand
Sebastian Gibrand
As a foodie with an interest in art and fashion, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best food and drink spots, art museums and the ultimate shopping destinations. When looking for inspiration, I always trust recommendations from friends above all. With Nova Circle it’s now a breeze to find new places that are in tune with what I like, from those I trust.
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Pauline Krogsbøll
Love this app! As a foodie myself, living in NYC with endless options - ”where should we eat/go for drinks today?” is a constant question. l always trust recommendations from friends more than anything and with Nova Circle it’s so easy to find new places that are genuinely good, recommended by all the people I trust.
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Amanda Kymmer

Prime locations

Paris hotels are often strategically located to provide easy access to the city’s top attractions. Stay in the Marais for a vibrant nightlife scene, or opt for a hotel near the Bastille for a mix of history and modernity.

Many hotels are within an easy walk of iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the lovely streets of St Germain. For those interested in shopping and culture, the Right Bank offers numerous opportunities.

Exceptional services and amenities

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast each morning, relax by the pool, or indulge in a spa treatment. Whatever is your preference.

Rooms are typically equipped with modern conveniences, including spacious bathrooms, free toiletries, and options for different bedding arrangements. Many hotels also offer additional services such as concierge assistance, 24/7 check-in, and accessible rooms for disabled guests.

In search of something truly special or spectacular? Consult your circle of friends on the Nova Circle app and you will be guaranteed to find something that suits you.

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Dining and nightlife

The dining scene in Paris is unparalleled, with many hotels featuring on-site restaurants and bars that serve local cuisine and expertly crafted cocktails. Whether you are looking for a quiet drink at the hotel bar or a lively night out in the city, Paris has it all.

Start your evening with a glass of wine or a signature cocktail at a chic hotel bar, then head to a nearby restaurant to enjoy world-class French cuisine.

Ask the hotel staff or use the Nova Circle app to get recommendations for the best places to eat and drink, and discover other members’ hidden gems like quaint bakeries or upscale dining spots. After dinner, enjoy a nightcap at a sophisticated bar or take a leisurely stroll through the beautifully lit streets of Paris. Whether you prefer a low-key evening or an adventurous night out, Paris's dining and nightlife scene has something for everyone.

Planning your stay in Paris is easy with the Nova Circle app. Connect with friends and get spot on tips on where to stay, eat, and what to explore. No matter if you are looking for a luxury suite or a budget-friendly room, with Nova Circle you will be provided with trusted reviews and recommendations to help you make the best choice. 

Experience Paris like never before

No matter where you stay in Paris, you will be surrounded by the city’s rich culture and history. From the charming streets of St Germain to the bustling nightlife of the Marais, Paris offers something for everyone. Use the Nova Circle app to find the best hotels and plan your perfect trip to Paris. Just download the app to connect with friends and people you trust to make sure you do not miss the best of Paris.

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Frequently asked questions – Reviews hotel Paris

The average cost of a hotel room in Paris varies by star rating. As of 2024, a 5-star hotel averages around $270 per night, while a 4-star hotel averages $149, and a 3-star hotel averages $109 per night. Budget accommodations, such as 2-star hotels, average $97 per night.

The best areas to stay in Paris depend on your preferences, but some of the most highly recommended include:

1st Arrondissement: Home to landmarks like the Louvre and Tuileries Garden, this central location offers luxury hotels and is perfect for first-time visitors who want to be in the heart of the city.

Le Marais: Known for its historic charm, boutique hotels, and vibrant nightlife, this area is great for those seeking a mix of culture and modern amenities.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Famous for its artistic history, excellent shopping, and dining options, it offers a more local feel while still being close to major attractions.

Champs-Élysées and 8th Arrondissement: Ideal for those who love high-end shopping and proximity to iconic sites like the Arc de Triomphe