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In the heart of Southeast Asia lies Koh Chang, an island renowned for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. With the Nova Circle app you will get genuine reviews and recommendations on where to find the best bars across Koh Chang. Whether you prefer the bustling White Sand Beach or the tranquil Lonely Beach, your circle of friends will guide you to the best spots for you.
bars reviews koh chang
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Traditional drinks and cocktails

Koh Chang's bars are treasure troves of both traditional Thai drinks and innovative cocktails. The island's speciality is the refreshing "Sabai Sabai", a local favorite alongside internationally loved Mojitos and Piña Coladas, each with a unique Koh Chang twist. Whether it is a beach bar or a sophisticated lounge, you are never far from a perfectly crafted drink.

The varied bars of Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a great place for every type of nightlife enthusiast, with an array of bars that range from laid-back beachfront spots to lively sports pubs. Beach Bars at White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach provide the ultimate sunset chillout sessions with cold beers and reggae music. Beer Bars and Sports Bars scattered around, including the largest sports bar on the island, promise a great atmosphere, live sports on big screens, and a wide selection of imported beers. For those seeking a taste of Mexico, a visit to a Mexican Restaurant on the island offers authentic Mexican dishes and great drinks in a beautiful setting.
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Love this app! As a foodie myself, living in NYC with endless options - ”where should we eat/go for drinks today?” is a constant question. l always trust recommendations from friends more than anything and with Nova Circle it’s so easy to find new places that are genuinely good, recommended by all the people I trust.
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White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach, known for its pristine sands and crystal-clear waters, also has some of Koh Chang's best bars. The Pearl Beach offers a relaxed atmosphere for a sunset drink, while Sabay Bar with its outdoor seating is perfect for enjoying fresh seafood and pasta dishes as the day ends.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is a haven for backpackers and solo travelers. If you are looking for a bit of hectic nightlife, this is your spot after dark. Bars here offer everything from Thai food to western dishes, with Djembe House and Ting Tong Bar standing out for their great music and happy hour deals.

Bang Bao Beach and Klong Prao Beach

Bang Bao Beach and Klong Prao Beach are where travelers can enjoy a more laid-back vibe. Bars here offer stunning views, delicious food, and a chance to enjoy Koh Chang's natural beauty. Nature Beach Resort at Klong Prao Beach is a notable mention, perfect for those looking to enjoy a drink amidst serene surroundings.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach, with its mix of Thai and international bars, offers something for every palate. From the lively Sky Bar with its breathtaking views to Pilot Bar known for its friendly atmosphere, it is a hub for those looking to enjoy good food, great drinks, and the company of like-minded individuals.

Koh Chang Tai

At the southern end of Koh Chang lies Koh Chang Tai, a region less trodden but filled with hidden gems. Bars here, like the White Elephant, provide a cozy, intimate setting perfect for a quiet evening or a few drinks with friends, showcasing the island's southern hospitality.

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Nova Circle is more than just an app, it is a community where members share their top picks and hidden gems across the world. As you plan your Koh Chang adventure, let Nova Circle guide you through the island's best nightlife, ensuring you experience only the best, recommended by those you trust.

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