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Restaurant AG is a well-known restaurant in Stockholm, sometimes described as a "carnivore's dream". If you are looking for the highest quality meat, this is a place you should visit, also to enjoy the unique atmosphere in this New York-style environment that was once a silversmith workshop.

The philosophy

Restaurant AG was founded in 2010 by Johan Jureskog, a passionate chef with a passion for high-quality meat, together with Klas Ljungquist, a Swedish chef with more than 40 years experience.

The philosophy behind the restaurant's concept, according to Johan Jureskog and his team, is to create a restaurant they themselves would like to visit. A place for everyone who likes to socialize, have a good time and eat first-class ingredients prepared without fuss. And for everyone who enjoys a lovely piece of meat.
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About the founder Johan Jureskog

Johan Jureskog is a Swedish chef and restaurateur. He is known for his culinary expertise and has gained recognition for his work in the restaurant industry, both in Sweden and internationally.

Jureskog was a member of the Sweden National Culinary Team for eight years and has won gold medals both in the World Food Championships and in the Culinary Olympics. He has also appeared on television many times in various types of cooking shows.

Jureskog's deep appreciation for quality ingredients and his dedication to creating a memorable dining experience are evident in every aspect of Restaurant AG. His passion for food and hospitality have been key to the restaurant's success over the years.
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The environment

Restaurant AG was once a silversmith workshop. It is from here that the restaurant got its name, with AG being the chemical designation for silver.

The restaurant has a unique character, with an interior with many tiles, fixtures from the Swedish region of Småland and beautifully designed leather chairs.

The overall style has an industrial New York flair, with an energetic and social atmosphere. While some find the closely set tables add to the character, others might find them a tad too close for comfort.
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The food

Restaurant AG is widely renowned for its exceptional meat, displayed prominently in their dry-aging cabinets.

The restaurant sources Swedish, American, and Scottish beef, ensuring a variety of cuts and flavors. While beef is the primary focus, there are also non-meat options and an extensive tapas menu.
The menu changes depending on availability and season, with game in the winter and lamb in the spring. At lunch you can enjoy a simpler version of the menu.

Although restaurant AG is a meat lover's paradise, it is worth visiting even if you have other food preferences. If you eat meat at least once in a while, why not do it at a restaurant where you get the best cuts and meet of the highest quality?
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Typical dishes and special services

The entire menu is worth exploring, but the porterhouse steak is a favorite. This generously sized cut, known for its flavor and tenderness, is an example of the restaurant's commitment to exceptional quality meat.

The restaurant classifies their meat into three categories. Degree of marbling, flavor intensity and tenderness, where the kitchen uses a scale of 1-12, to make it easier for diners to find a meat to their taste.
You can also order AG's famous hamburgers. The staff will be happy to guide you through the menu.

At the tapas bar, you will get perfectly made tapas and pintxos. The menu varies, from classic varieties to new, exciting combinations, prepared with the same care as you would expect in Spain.
A very special experience is the "Chef's Table", which means sitting at a round table in the kitchen, with a very personal service. You are offered a set menu, where you can choose between two levels, basic and deluxe, with an accompanying wine package.

Perhaps a bit odd for a Michelin star restaurant, restaurant AG offers take away, ready-made or pre-prepared meals to be cooked at home. However, it is not the average kind of take away service and you make a booking on the restaurant's website.

On the website, you can also find Jureskog's grill crash course, a series of videos where you learn how to make a perfect entrecote on the bone.
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Where is Restaurant AG located?

Restaurant AG is located at Kronobergsgatan 37 in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. Kungsholmen is one of Stockholm's many islands and is predominantly a residential area with a mix of modern and older buildings and offers a comparatively tranquil atmosphere compared to the Stockholm city center.

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Frequently Asked Questions about hotel review app

As a fine dining establishment, expect prices to be higher than average. The cost of your meal will depend on your specific choices, but you can expect to pay around SEK 1,000 per person for a two or three course dinner.
Restaurant AG is primarily known for its exceptional quality, dry-aged beef. Their unique ambiance and focus on high-quality ingredients has made it a well-known restaurant in Stockholm.
No, you cannot pay with cash, the restaurant only accepts credit cards.
Contact the restaurant in advance if you need access to a larger lift up to the restaurant if you for a wheelchair or stroller, and they will give you a different address.